About Us

IN-Studio is a company specializing in design, rapid prototyping and 3D print; we can develope your project in its entirety from the initial idea to the three-dimensional model, the tables construction, the manuals, the render of presentation to the press in 3D Product.
We are born with the aim to realize ideas using new technologies and creating objects and prototypes at low cost with exclusive designs and unattainable by other methods.
We work all over the country and abroad, by delivering by hand the model created in the radius of 30 km from our office at no additional charge; alternatively agree on based on your needs the shipping method.
We will be pleased to make an appointment, where is avaible, by your company to be able to present our services in person.


Who we work for

We work for anyone who wants to see his idea realized! Our clients can be private, architecture and engineering, goldsmiths and jewelry design or gadget, automotive sector operators, advertising agencies, students, designers, dentists, makers of parts for vehicles racing to those who deal with tuning, in short, just anyone in mind who wants to see something done at low cost, with the highest satisfaction, which has a unique need or want to realize that thousands of pieces in the series.


What we realize

Design - Rapid Prototyping - Industrial Design-3D print - Sheet Metal - Steel - Feasibility studies and production - Rendering - Photo entries - Tables 2D - Product Manuals - Manuals construction -


We create a your idea, real objects using 3D printing technology.
It 'just a simple sketch on plain paper or a file in 2D or 3D, for realization of the project.
We can create anything, from key chains to cover the smartphone, the model of a building to the particular tuning of a car, from a paperweight to a soldier.
The imagination has no limits and everything is printable!
At the university level, then it is possible to add value to an examination or a thesis presenting not only the project, or the classic slides, but by bringing the object created. The success is guaranteed.



Because we distinguish the special attention and customer service: starting from the initial design, we will define with you a path of cooperation, in coordination with you regularly on the progress of work, and allowing you to follow and monitor at every stage of development construction, in order to comply promptly with your prospective suggestions, changes and revisions, with the intent to fully meet your needs and ensure a result of your total satisfaction.