We design from single detail to complete prototype, providing the most comprehensive assistance and collaboration.
From a sketch freehand, verbally explained by an idea or a project based on CAD / CAM files, we use the technology of three-dimensional modeling to have the final vision of what will be the first finished prototype, thus reducing the time and costs of realization.
Tridimesionale addition to the model of the project (in any digital format required), provide all the support for the construction and the construction of tables of machining and bending, mathematical laser cutting, waterjet cutting machines and, exploded constructive, distinct assembly and of parts, and constructional and product manuals, studies of Rates and methods of production.
We export your project in any format or technology required, by classical mathematical cnc, vector graphics.
We follow the project throughout the construction phase, so you can act quickly on any changes needed in the process of construction and assembly.
To start up the production of the prototype, we design the equipment for cutting masks, welding masks, masks, painting, assembly and control templates, molds for gravity, handling equipment, injection and thermoforming.

Alcuni esempi esempi di progettazione IN-STUDIO

Design a payment system that will work interfacing credit card and smartphone.

Design of the seat and console touch screen for car industry

Design a payment system that will work interfacing credit card and smartphone.

Designing structural work in any ferrous material

Some examples examples of development of surfaces for the automotive glazing industry and not

Some examples of developments sheet for laser cutting, bending and calendering.

Engineering machinery and equipment automatic

Designing machine frames


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