We digitize your idea projecting in a future both industrial design.
We carry out studies of style starting from a sketch, using draft projects or building on a model structure already built.
We provide all the necessary support for the construction of the component, surface mathematics in class A and mathematics with withdrawal, figure out, mathematics milling molds, jigs or constructive control.
We propose our design studio of any object and field with original ideas, both for a single object, and for the set of objects that will make up the final project.
Our studios are fully achievable with 3D printing technologies.
We always recommend to agree in advance the kind of technology that you are going to use in case of realization of the project, to avoid accidents that andrebbere to slow down the production cycle (defects extraction from the molds, erroneous inclinations of bare, rounded corners and discharge machining, shrinkage of the material).


Automotive - Some examples

Console commands built into the driver's seat

Industrial design - Console commands truck

Industrial design - Cabins

Industrial design - Box server work station

 Wifi Payment system

Console commands built into the driver's seat

Interior design

Industrial design - Credit card reader and payment

Advertising gadgets

Control cloche

Tuning design