Rapid prototyping

We realize any type of prototyping using the latest 3D printing technologies (SLS, SLA, FDM)
Depending on the material with which we will produce the object, the same may have functional characteristics and not for industrial or domestic, for design studio or exhibition for trade shows or shops for use by artists or university, realizing morphologies not achievable with traditional methods, but only with the 3D printing.
If the model were to have aesthetic characteristics, thanks to the labor used in the post print (sanding, sanding, painting), rivestiremo the model with particular tissues, thus obtaining an effect like steel, aluminum, carbon, etc ..; the model will be perfect in all its parts, equating to quality for color and definition to the digital project.

Dashboard car

Automotive components

Cover air filter cabin air conditioning system

Prototype for chocolate production silicone rubber molds food