that is, the questions we ask ourselves more often.
Below you will find the most requested.

1) What is a 3D printer?
It 'a machine that creates objects of various materials generated by a CAD / CAM files through the layering of materials with different technologies ( visit the page
3d print).

2) What is a prototype?
And 'the realization of the first original copy made ​​in order to be able to mass-produce.
In the post printing can be changed, tested, refined, criticized, updated and then prepare a final mold for the series production.

3) What are the advantages of prototyping compared to traditional methods?
Reduction of cost, time restricted working speed of production of the prototype.

4) E 'possible to prepare items for trade shows?
Typically the new products produced in series to present to clients requiring long processing times and almost always has little time.
With the prototype you have objects identical to those that will be produced in series and in perfect working order, thus encouraging potential customers interested.

5) Can I come to you to let me print a template made ​​by me?
Surely you will print your project; there will probably be only to prepare the model for the three-dimensional printing and we will find all the help you need.

6) What is the difference between ABS and PLA?
The ABS is indicated for objects meccanicamenti more resistant, for technical uses, which require greater precision.
The PLA is indicated for objects of common use, for pre-, which do not require mechanical and structural features.

7) What are the available materials to create objects with 3D printers?
There are different types of materials to be used depending on the need: the most used are ABS, PLA, Resin, Ceramics, Steel, Titanium, Cera.
For more information please visit materials

8) I am not able to use software for 3d modeling; But I have an idea, you can achieve it physically?
You simply have to achieve a freehand sketch and explain it verbally; Simply fill in the rest.
You will be constantly updated during the development of your idea and defined when the project will move to the final stage of printing.
At the end of the work you will be the object that you had idealized and intellectual property of the project.

9) I did not find what I was looking
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