Scale model


The scale models are useful for the exposure of their products in fairs or expose customers directly on site.
It's possible to obtain the finished product in a short time, without resorting to traditional methods like the manual modeling.
Using 3D scanning or with the complete modeling of the object, we can reproduce in scale cars, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, yacts, airplanes, industrial machines, etc ..
The model reproduced will be the same as the original, and as that definition as staining.
The technologies used for playback dle model are: 3D printing or milling.
The first has a perfect yield even in the smallest details, the second is used for larger models (typically longer than 40 cm ..) with less detail definition.


Below an example of a model from the design stage to the finished work
To build this model, we used pieces of molded polystyrene with cutter, then painted and assembled.
The measurements are 120x40x30 cm.

Fase di progettazione e rendering

Render presentation

Processing steps

Finished model

Scale model 1\10 JEEP WILLY

Scale model 1\10 DODGE  CHARGER 1969