What does it cost to build a prototype

Certainly the cost of our product is much lower that it would quelloo having to build the model with a mold.
The cost depends on several factors:
- The size of the object (as the cost will vary depending upon cubic centimeters of print)
- The characteristics that the material must have
- The technology that will be used

- The material you intend to use
- The quantity of parts to be assembled and then print that will make up the final object
- The desired finish (painting, sanding, ecc..§)
- The urgency of the implementation

How much does cost to create a project

We are able to develop different levels of the project and in as many fields of use.
In order to estimate the cost of a project depends on many factors:
- The sector and the use of rpogetto
- The level of project definition (study of style, constructive, inclusive of construction equipments etc ...)
- The required documentation (costrutrive tables, manuals, presentations, render etc ...)
- The quality of the surfaces of the CAD model (class A, B, C)

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